Local Loco and the Idiots is based in Malmö but has roots in Sala, Linköping and Chicago. Front man and songwriter Jesper Söderberg started the band in Sala, the Swedish silver mine town, as an indie band who delivered indiepop-rock in Swedish. In 2015 the band started longing for southern longitudes and moved to Malmö. More members joined and so the band was turned into a swinging jazz rock orchestra with trombone, saxophone and clarinet. With a love for New Orleans and a strong admiration for Tom Waits as a foundation they take a wild swing at your heads and hearts with catchy melodies, heavy swing and lyrics about everything from Donald Trump to black cab rides.

They released their debut album Från Sala till Himlen in 2015 and has since that released one more studio album, Tolvskillingsorkestern (2016). The band went into the studio in November 2016 and released their third album ”Det sista endorfinet” in 2017.


Joel Andersson